Feel the urge feature?

Does anyone find this feel the urge thing helpful?


Seriously no.
If they are serious about an urge there should be an option for locking the phone for 10 minutes. That will do.

Blockerx has an option for you to block your phone for 10 minutes

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I think the opposite :thinking::thinking: I believe they are wanting to us to overcome it by some help they offer like music, memes, that’s what’s makes sense to be on nofap, resist to relapse not winning over by petty tricks (I shouldn’t call it petty coz I myself use blockers then and there :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:, I’m just giving my view :thinking::thinking:)

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Do you use Blockerx?

Nope I use app called ‘app block’ that blocks apps

Simple use digital detox once an urge hits identify as soon as possible make a schedule for 1 hour or more… Make prevent escaping and don’t use any emergency use… You can’t even escape I bet… It is effective… and also you can’t switch off or lock your phone or you can’t even uninstall while detox is active…

Use this during an urge and if the urge seems to disappear it is great, but you are constantly facing urges then increase the time…

It will help…

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But actual truth is that, it is seriously a waste of time… We can say this and that…
But during an urge only option is to quit this phone asap…

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absolutely… in most of the cases getting a cold shower helps…

Yeah man, cold showers are the best, I have them almost every day.


It used to help me but not anymore .

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