Feel boredom when leave masturbation for more days than habit

i had addiction of masturbation for twice a weeek… but when i control myself for maybe 5,6 days… i feel like my life is getting boring…give me tips how to tackle this problem…


Eh? Bro if you are just focusing on not masturbating only, then how can your life be amazing?
Nofap is not only about not masturbating, you can do alot of other things to make your life better.
Nofap only cant improve your life


i understand. plz suggest some activities.

  1. Read. Pick up a book, any book. Sci-fi, mystery, psychological, educational, audio, digital, physical, it doesn’t matter, whatever looks the most interesting and just read it. You’ll learn something, you’ll get a good story, or you’ll know more about yourself and what you like or don’t like to read, just do it. It will help (as long as it’s an actual book, not a magazine or comic book if you’re into those, save the more pleasurable ones for small rewards for improving yourself)
  2. Exersice. Whether you like running, pumping iron, yoga, or whatever, do something healthy with your body. If you already are. Turn up the heat or something, you shouldn’t be finding yourself with spare time and choosing to use energy during that time to entertain yourself with your penis instead of you sing all that spare energy to make your body built better for life.
  3. Find a hobby. This one’s a bit hard because it can be anything (even the previous 2 can be your hobby, but if you don’t like them as hobbys you should do them anyway) for me, it was wood working. If you don’t have the tools, start small. If you like making things maybe get a big puzzle or look up some simple project on the web (the internet can be your greatest enemy, but don’t forget it can also be your biggest asset in your reset) if that’s not so much your style, try a sport, go play golf, bowl, all the sports that you can play solo if you want are good but can also be fun with others if you want. You don’t like either of those. Heck, start collecting coins, learn how to solve a rubiks cube, learn how to sew. Finding a hobby is finding something to look forward to doing when you get home from work other than master aging or binging the latest series on netflix
    I hope this helps. Overall just go out and do, don’t wait for life to come take you on a journey, find a path and start walking, if you realize it wasn’t for you later on then too bad, but you’ll never get anywhere sitting at crossroads.
    Good luck brother, stay strong, keep improving

You can also learn new things or study a topic you’re interested in. You can train your memory, play sports, go for walks, play competitive games like chess or go, you can learn a new language or think about what you want to do!
Good luck :grin:


All the members of this community are here to nofap and leave the addiction.

Do u know why?

The addiction have ruined our life and it acts as an obstacle for our goals.

So brother, if you are feeling bored…I think you doesn’t haven’t planned a definite goal.

If you think, you can even be the KING OF THE PLANET.

So have a definite goal my friend,

Education, sports, hobbies, etc.

Make your soul fearless to achieve want you want.

Fearless soul.


thank u brother for this much motivation

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