Fed up og my life because of pmo

Well, i m 28 years old i ve been fapping since i was 18, i think watching porn and fapping has led me to failure in my studies i couldn’t get the specialty i wanted in the university just because instead of studying i was fapping, due to pmo addiction i suffer from premature ejaculation and erection disorder l become antisocial and it affects my productivity in my work, i have a weak body, i turned to gay porn and got superficial sex with some gays what forbeeden in my religion because i muslim , pmo had distruyed my life,what can i do i really need help add me my code is 7b7251

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You can add me 9779a5

Happy Eid BTW, I can smell biryani from here.

Thanks, but what is biryani?

Oh it is famous dish that Muslims make here on the occasion of Eid and other festivals. My previous place had a Muslim family as neighbors and they would bring Biryani on these occasions. LOVED IT!

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Where is that? Where are from

Need companion… I’ve been fapping since 12 I’m now 49

Its from a country that is nowdivided into teo countries India and Pakistan :grinning:

@David.Copperfield Are you a muslim and or a part of the subcontinent population

I’m a Christian. My previous apartment had a lot of people from Southeast Asia living nearby.

Ohhhh thats how you know these things :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Not much different bro. We are on the same age. I passed my degree with the lowest passing mark. And I dont know anything about my degree. Now I am still can’t start to work with my degree cause im so lost from real world. I dont have discipline, no friends to talk to, been unproductive since graduation yet wanking up till now. I was a good student and got scholarship for my degree. Right now the consequences are too big for me to handle. Im doing it slowly though. This nofap is too difficult yet with the situation surrounding me is not helping too

My code 8bedba

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Can we become freinds on facebook

Of course whats your email

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My mail is: [email protected]

What is your mail bro

I’ve become a Christian end off last year. I’m on a small Christianity course at the moment. I need a companion
c27226 is my code


Added @camskunk!
My Code: 9779a5