Feb 13th till March 13th

I failed the no 14days challenge and what I realized was that my number one trigger was staying in my room for no necessary reason. i would just be in my room watching youtube and before I know I hear in my heart a whisper in my heart to watch porn and I fall into the desires. when am chatting with a girl and sex comes up i fall again and I watch porn. while am on facebook and I see a sexy video i fall into porn

So my goal to overcome this is never go into my room unless I want to sleep and no matter how sexy a thumbnail is or a video i won’t watch it I will just skip it and focus on my Feb 13th till March 13th challenge who is with me

If you are leave your code and I will add u it will be better to start with people who are in thier day one to two or day here is my code:302cdf

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I am up for the challenge brother.
My code is 971ff5.
I am on 4th day.