Far from the Madding Crowd

Rule number 1: We will discuss anything but that ‘which should not be named’.

Books/Movies et al.

Note: If you are looking for some sympathy and challenges, well, this group is not for you. You can contact many ‘flaggers’ ‘moderators’ and other people who got nothing else to do besides being online 24*7 here.

We will discuss what you wanna do in life and not what you don’t want to do.

People who are not allowed here:
Liberals, Feminists, Manginas, Apologists, Flaggers, Moderators etc.

If this leaves nobody, I will go ahead with just me.

This group will update only once a week as again unlike many other people here, I have lots of work to do and cannot afford to be online 24*7.

Below is a quote from a novel that I just can’t get out of my head. If this interests you, do reply, if it doesn’t or if you belong to the ‘NOT Allowed list’, just move along.



Hey Man I am Abhishek .
Your screenshot says something about Chattisgarh Mai Duniya and The HIndu newspaper so I am guessing that you are an Indian too.
I couldn’t get the sole purpose of this group.
Can you explain it more precisely ?
I mean that you wanna discuss with others what they wanna accomplish in life and next you post some screenshot.
I can’t get the significance of the screenshot here.

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Among other things mentioned above in the introduction, the purpose of sharing this screenshot


I hate procastination and sharing it will force me to work hard tomorrow as well.

That’s cool man .
Can you tell me more about yourself.
I mean qualifications and future aspirations ?

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I’m a Mechanical Engineering graduate. I had a job with Tech Mahindra as Assistant Software Engineer, but I left it. Right now, as you judge from the screenshot, I am preparing for State PSC exams. I want to be a DC someday.

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That’s good.
Engineering is fascinating
I am not an engineer but I still want to ask you that why you left left the job.
I mean a science student can go for PhD today or govt jobs.
But engineers are taking over govt.jobs.
What’s the reason behind this.
Some cases make sense where the engineer was less paidor working environment was too hectic but.
I think position you had was pretty much good to decent.
Still left the job ???

It’s wasn’t satisfying me. When I am about to die, I want to remember how many lives I changed positively. I was born in a middle-class family. I had the freedom to pursue what I wanted in my life. But, do you think if I was born in a labourer’s home, I would have been able to do what I wanted? Maybe or maybe not. There are many people of the same age as mine who work their ass off to get a couple of meals for a day while I complain about my internet’s speed, sitting in an air-conditioned room. I just want to help them by giving them what they deserve. I’m not a good person. I’m extremely selfish. I want to help them because if I were in their position, I would also want someone to do it.

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If that’s your driving force towards becoming DC then no one would stop you.
No one has got that much potential to stop you.
But if there is any chance that you are participating in the rat race of “govt. Jobs mil jaaye” shit.
Trace back your path to Software Engineer.
I ain’t demotivating you.
Just telling the truth.

What’s this app btw ?

I’ll make sure to remember my true purpose.

WorkingHours. Available on Android.

Tell me about your aspirations/dream?

I’ll need to sleep as well. Got maths class at 6:30 A.M.

Maths class at 6:30 am ?
What’s your institution ?
Which case students so early ?

It’s a coaching not an institution. Coachings don’t give a heck about timings. 6:30 A.M to 10:30 A.M classes. 1:00 P.M to 4:00 P.M Test series.

I’ll read it tomorrow. Good night!