Fapping urges are more of a false wiring functioning on triggers, rather than heightened sexual desire, let's demystify this!

I have come to study Abit closely and I need your take on this. Because I have realized that this urges are like false fires from the brain due to a wiring that has been done over time on the wrong things

This is my take, I am coming to conclusion, that the urges have nothing to do with sex. Because when in PMO, I have realized that sometimes you can go at it sooooo hard that it hurts bad, but still you would want to still continue even in the pain. It’s like an Obsessive behavior. You can move on it, to the point of hurting yourself, but still want more.

If it was a matter of sexual desire, you would have been satisfied once you are done. But why does your body want more n more even when your hurting. This is my conclusion that this is not a sexual thing, but rather a wrong wiring on the brain that has a switch, to turn on the wrong wired path. N it doesn’t care about your bodies health, its a wrong circuitry that needs to be corrected. What do you think? Please share your thoughts?


You are right… Thats why it is an addiction… like a smoker who knows that smoking causes cancer but he cant help it… he doesnt care about life & death…
Similarly fappers have wired themselves like this…

Thats Why it is called a Reboot… To Rewire our habits from bad to good… From Death to Life…
Cheers to that :cocktail:


Two words: Repetition Compulsion


This is very true, I am using this principle to break this cycle of addiction,by treating it like this. Like a disease that needs to be cured, fast. Coz many times it looks kinda innocent since it’s part of a body reaction, i.e “sexuality”. Therefore you can say one more time wunt be that bad, however it never stops, and when you evaluate the desire, it keeps on coming.

Its time to right the mental error, and establish control. I have come to realize that MINDFULNESS, really does the trick here, like what we’ve established here, of looking at it plain and bare for what it is, and moving with the conciousness of it.

  1. As much as sexual images are the triggers, it is more of a mental bondage rather than a sexual problem.

  2. By Mindfulness we can rewire the brain, by conciously giving it the right information, to re-educate the brain, mental reprogramming?