Fapping the night before an exam

Hi, when there is an immense pressure or I have a lot of pending tasks, I find that I reside to fapping and eventually going off to sleep. It mostly happens the night before exams. How do I break this chain? I haven’t fapped yet but tomorrow is my exam by the way!


You break the chain by refusing to give in to the usual habit its like a spell and you are going in circle, you notice It next thing is to do something about I recommend you try to do your exams without pmo, you will feel a whole lot better and once you improve on something it will be easier for you next time

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@InquisitiveMind it might help to replace a bad habit with a good one. For example, if you like exercising you can make time to start doing that the day or night before the exam. It could also be reading, journaling, starting a project, walking outside, or some other task/hobby.
Find a comfortable for way to relieve tension without fapping. Good luck, I know you’ll find the answer.

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Consider that it’s not the exams or tasks that causes you to fap, but rather it’s the anxiety that you will fail or will not be able to deliver that triggers you to fap. Once you feel overwhelmed with anxiety, your default way of coping with it is to find a dopamine release through fapping. Running away from pain and running towards the pleasure. Next time feel the pain and face the anxiety and address it with healthy ways, e.g. dealing fear of failure with proper study and prep days before the exam.


If u fap in every tense situation then what h need to do is learn how to relax
There can be many ways for example u could listen(for short time ) to music , read jokes from magzines or stuff , go and take a walk , ut all depends on what u like at the stress moment

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