Fap? Yes or no?

Hey everyone I have a problem and need some advice.

I have been watching porn and masturbating for a very long time now at least 5+ years. Over time the amount increased to once a day and sometimes multiple times a day when I’m stressed. I have joined to help me stop or at least decrease the amount. So far gone over a week without relapse which is better than I expected for my first time

Here is the problem.

I have a very important exam coming up in a month. Basically if I do not do well and not pass I will not get a good job. I have been studying very hard to pass but ever since stopping fapping my concentration is not good. This exam costs a lot of money and my family has great expectations.

What should I do? Should I fap and regain my study habit and concentration to help me pass this exam or continue no fap and risk poor study and failing exam?


Fapping is never okay. And, I highly do not recommend it.
I’m tagging @Bashi to respond since I’m sure he has some tips to help you and because he’s been INACTIVE. WAKE UP.
Much love.


Also, since @Ash_Matt is online I’ll tag him too.


From my point of view you’re putting too much faith in masturbation believing that it’s going to help you in this case. I don’t know if you have ever had a high streak like months but in my case I’m much more concentrated, relaxed and good in general after some years without fap. I think your thought about being good at exam might be not true, your mind may be cheating you. It’s just my opinion about it (sorry for any possible mistake).
I wish you a good exam :raised_hands:t4:


You’re experienceing brain-fog, which is a symptom of withdrawal. I’d recommend trying not fapping for at least 14 days. If by then the noFap benefits have not kicked in, you can do what you require to concentrate.
But it’s not advisable.
Fapping is never good for your mind. Body, maybe it’s okay, but for your brain, it’s never okay. But since you are in this situation, maybe you can do what you need to focus.
All the best!


In order to have more focus and deal with stress: take regular breaks (move from your desk and leave the room if possible), eat healthy (avoid eating too much or heavy food as it makes lethargic), drink plenty of water, go for a walk outside, limit time spent on digital devices if possible, meditate, try deep breathing (breathe from your belly), engage in a physical activity (working out/cardio/any sport or even just a brisk walk), do one thing at a time and don’t rush through things/slow down deliberately. Having a short conversation with someone about any trivial thing or even expressing your worries can also help when you feel overwhelmed. You can also dedicate a certain amount of time per day to a hobby which allows you to fully immerse yourself in it, but which doesn’t prevent you from doing what you need to do.

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Here’s the truth @Pudgy … watching porn and fapping decrease your mental abilities, so it’s a fallacy to think that fapping would help you regain concentration. Look up the science on https://www.yourbrainonporn.com/ or Get The Facts - Fight the New Drug … so when that’s out of the way, the answer becomes obvious. Don’t PMO or you’ll do even worse at your exams. Instead of brainwashing yourself to believe that there’s some genuine benefit in PMOing, focus on your exams instead. If you really can’t concentrate because your brain is basically “COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM” well then, read this book: https://easypeasymethod.org/

Take care.


Thanks for the comments. @Bashi @Ash_Matt @josebr @statquo @Yitzchak

I am very stressed about this. There is a lot of pressure like almost get disowned from family kind if I do bad. Amount of money to take is like one grand so additional money added to my loans too. I don’t know if risking the brain fog and going into test at a disadvantage is worth or not. I could say I would eventually relapse anyways regardless of exam or not so why not just restart my no fap after I take the test? I am confused


You are looking for an excuse to give into the urges, never give in stand strong.


The answer is simple: never again.

I have been into the same situation bro so i can tell you that DON’T RELAPSE. It’s not worth it and if this exam is so so important than you must focus on the exam and things related to it and not on FAP OR NOFAP.

In the past, for one exam i gave in and relapsed and i Couldn’t stop myself after that and during another exam i didn’t relapse but i spent whole time thinking bout fap or nofap and thinking that I ain’t able to focus and shit and i performed really poor in both of these exams even though i prepared really well for them the whole year.

So just focus on the exam , try to get into it so much that urges can’t even bother you and also brain fog or lack of concentration isn’t that real honestly.

I believe that you’ll give your best in this exam whether you fap or not ( although I don’t recommend fapping to regain focus because it ain’t beneficial at all and just a trap , a trick your reptilian brain is trying on you to convince you to fap somehow)

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I will say now you should not focus on no fap…if you are a begginner and see bro in a month you are going to attend a exam…no fap is not easy for you now. You can relapse after 4 to 5 days …but not regularly and don’t waste too much time in watching porn because we have to complete everything with in a month …
So now what will you do???

  1. daily meditation only 15 mints( if you are thinking this is time waste you are a foolish person)
    2)cold shower
  2. don’t think about fap or no fap.
  3. focus on study.
    Now in this short period I think meditation can help you… And if you want to masterbate then release semen after 30 mint ( you can do this dirty work with in 30 mint don’t waste too much time)
    If you will watch porn for 5 hrs and try to enjoy and masterbate then you will waste your day…
  4. try to do this 5 to 6 days or a week.
    After this exam we will decide how to focus on no fap… I said my opinion then it depends upon you what will you do.

I will do my best not to relapse.

First part of exam is on 3/13
Second part is on 4/30


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