Fantasizing/sexual thoughts

Guys i want your help.I’m on day 50 on nofap, i dont masturbate,edge or watch porn at all.The only thing that i do is fantasizing with real partners.the thing is that i know that i won’t masturbate,i just like fantasizing.regarding this topic i want to ask you some questions.Will my dopamine receptors heal? Will my brain rewire it self? Or my 50days streak will go to waste…and if fantasizing slow down my reboot,how far back will it place me?


The real question is whether this fantasizing brings about urges to masturbate or watch porn.

Typically any type of fantasizing is considered edging in my book, because it starts you down the rabbit hole. But it’s really up to you here since it’s of a real partner and you said you know you won’t masturbate.

In terms of rewiring your brain, it also depends how you are utilizing the fantasizing. Typically PMO acts as some sort of relief from negative emotions (i.e. stress, loneliness, sadness, etc.), so since you aren’t relapsing directly, I would make sure to keep an eye on when you are indulging in these fantasies, if they are coming about when you are feeling negative, then that might be something that is hindering your reboot and could lead to a full relapse. If not, then it could be fine, but it’s really something you are going to have to guage yourself.

That would be my advice, but I would also wait to hear from some of the other members here to see what they have to say as they might have more experience with this issue than me.

Good luck man!


Wake Up !!
Wake Up !!

Dont Ruin… 50 day progress…

Give your Life Force a direction… Built a great masculine body… for that give your 100% energy into Sprinting… Pushups… Pullups.

Go… outside… Be social.
Take a sheet… and start Painting.

Work very hard to earn some money. Take care of your family. Go for some vacation.

Dont lie down and indulge in fantasy. Do something special with your Energy.