Failing miserably in NoFap

Hello, community,
Myself Peter and I need your help. I am failing in the journey of NoFap very severely. For the last many weeks, I have reached only four days at most in the Nofap journey. I get solid urges and cannot tackle them and thus, relapse. Can you all suggest some ways to handle the cravings, please? I am just fed up with this relapse thing. Kindly help me out.
Thanking you.


(Sorry for off topic ignore my msg)

Glad to see you after a long time bro. Even i have suffered in last few months. Just wanted to say that


The moment you liked the message, I recognized you, my dear brother. I was delighted that you are still on this forum and you replied to me. I am so so happy after seeing you for such a long time. I had stopped using this forum which I think was one of my mistakes. After all, it is all about association. One should always be in a good association. It will help you in achieving your goals efficiently. :sparkling_heart:


“Bro urges always go away” this is my motto
You just have to set your mind to a work or go stay in a room with other people. It will go away in the background


Welcome back bro!
You went away without a trace…so I thought you found your way out of NoFap…

Stop feeding yourself PMO food…
That means No peeking any sort of sexual content knowlingly…
If you came across some unknowingly, divert your eyes away…

If you feed yourself with the sexual content, there is no escape then…
Start feeding good nutrious content to your system…that will fulfil the hunger of seeing sexual stuffs…

In the end, we want novelty…we have so many new things to learn…engage in those and it should help.


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