Facebook Instagram Youtube 'Triggers'


Youtube and facebook are place where sexual ‘triggers’ can be easily found . You chat with your co worker on Facebook and BAM! post with hot bikini photos of Tom girl you liked in Facebook pop up. And now they stuck in your head.You can’t stop sexually desiring her. You try to resist but no. You can hold for hour maybe 3 but after 6 hours you just can resist that overwhelming sexual desire. And BAM! relapse happen. And you blaming yourself that it’s YOU’RE FALLS. But actually it’s just a biology . Idea of a day unsubscribe from all Facebook and Instagram girls who can post sexy pics.



I deleted my Facebook about two years ago for that reason. If people aren’t posting stuff then apps are, and it’s easy to search stuff on there regardless. Besides the fact that I was wasting too much time on it anyway.

I just gave folks my email and phone number and said “You know how to reach me” then left Facebook altogether.

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Even Torrents Is biggest Trigger for me