Extreme fatigue and no motivation to work

Hello everyone
Hope you guys are doing well . I’m on 40 days streak,and I’m feeling extremely fatigue from last 3 days. 2 days ago,I had 2 nocturnal emissions in single night. I’m feeling very mentally exhausted,and also no motivation to work towards my goal. It’s kind of pathetic situation now

What should I do now ? Kindly suggest me anything

We tend to put all on no PMO… May be the reason was something else, or may be combination of many… Wet dreams doesn’t cause that kind of fatigue. For mental exhaustion, take a break, do something you like to properly de-stress yourself. Then, You have to build up that motivation, its mainly mental, take a strong decision and go on… Start by taking up small goals and build them.


Thanks buddy…
Do you think I hit the flatline phase ? Most of the guys relapse here. Last time also when I was well over 40 days,I had to break the streak deliberately so just to avoid boredom

I am on day 246 and I have no idea what flatline is. Sometimes knowing too much overcomplicates things. We blame things on no PMO and we relapse. Coz we got flatline as a reason. Instead, how about finding ways to get rid of that. Do something you like. As simple as that. Wait it out if it’s not going away ( but it will go away as soon as you put some effort ). All of that with just one goal, Never relapse.


It happens to everyone bro. Just like @JonSnow001 suggested, take a break and do something you cherish. The situation outside is pretty precarious if you are from India. So, you can start reading a story book(try out something which need not be motivational for example Harry Potter) or you can start drawing. That will help your mind expand or maybe you can start learning a new language. Hope it helps.


I want to second all thats been said about finding something good to do that you enjoy. I recently started setting aside time in my schedule for some simple hobbies, and it has helped me a lot. Not just for quitting PMO, but in general my happiness and energy have improved.


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