Extreamely depressed

I don’t know how to explain what I feel. It feels like all emotional pains are on right now. I feel like I robbed a bank, got the robbed money stolen, got cought, have no relatives, my love has left me, my best friend has died, my home is on fire… But all this at the same time. All possible pain is happening now. I want to run away until my energy dims and I dessapear in nothingness.


Listen brother… I’m assuming this is because of porn but I wouldn’t know… Trust me this happens to me too… I like to jumble up all my feelings until pain finds away in and unravels it all and I feel everything you feel… I’ve broken down and cried in public a few times now… I could give you the ol’ everything will be ok speech but idk your life… But I do know this!! You are not alone!! Porn is affecting millions maybe billions and let me tell you a good portion of them feel what you feel! And if it’s not porn then other people still feel this way regaurdless!! So my suggestion is to cry now… And then do something you haven’t done before!! Because trying the same thing over and over is insanity right? I love you man!! GOD loves you even more!! Just hang in there and everyone here is ready to share their love with you!! Just talk to some more people after me you’ll feel better I promise!!! GOD bless!!!


I always cry in this situation. But it may repeat. I don’t know how valuable is life if everything will go as it went.

I really don’t know what to say rn other then not to dwell on these thoughts… Negativity is like porn… The more you feed on it the more it lies to you… So is this about porn or something else?

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This is all the addiction plus all it took from me.

Alright, so have you read easyoeasy method?

Yes. I did a year ago.

Hmmm… I would suggest you read again but idk if you would want to do that…

So what will make me to live now…

If I choosed to die I will win this period of my life

THE ANSWER : NO AND NO :slightly_smiling_face:



I will tell you …
Thinking of Past only if you can change it , if you can’t …
Choose anything except to have this weight inside your bones …

Don’t give up for your devil thoughts… you have now , don’t lose it (in plus)

What happened is to you , what you will do it’s a many of choices don’t lose it because your breath have a meaning , maybe you didn’t find it …
But work for it , why not ?!

Be sure :ok_hand:You are not alone
Even all are gone , god is with you , he is looking what you will do , what will be you choice , your next step …

Don’t give up …

"There are a reason for your existence"


I tried to comite suicide in May when I was homeless, drugs user,bald , mentally ill, no job no family, my live improved a lot now and Im a normal person actually, right now Im dealing with erectile disfunction and Im trying to use my hándicap to learn to be happy with the things I have and finding myself, i feel great alone or with peopl, dont miss the beautiful things, Life is short and i bet u still young :blush:

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