Exploring female nature as learning how to be confortable in any situation

Now Im taking a deep study of female nature and learning how to be laid back at all times, handling like a gentleman violent people, and be almost sober.
Also learning how to dance bachata, and being sporty.
For me best part of sex is loving the person you do It with.


Day 1: This have to be combined with no fap, today a barterder flirted with me, called me the most handsome of the bar, Young girls LOVE men and I feel like a Man that is special, a prize, not everygirl can have me so my value is skyrocketed, Im just enjoying the moment and letting myself enjoy and improve.


Day 2: Today I went to the park, my Friends wasnt there so I had to stay 2 hours with the ogs smoking some blunts and talking a lot, 40 yo people very respected I was totally laid back and being myself, then my brother and some Friends came and we played basketball with some stret guys, we ve meet a moroccan friend, don t tell me you don t have time to go to the park and find some friends, i work in construction 10 hours a day almost no rest we eat fast and back to work, but thank you god Im handsome as i ve ever been, good financially, with a 2017 mercedes at 25 yo… and I know how to move cause im outside interacting with a lot of people everyday.

With female attraction shit is going well, they see me better than ever going everywhere being ripped, doing myself and getting shit done in my work, but you know what fellas? Its not enough! Still want to improve and I will! No time to relax always stepping levels and moving forward! I know Im a winner! ARE YOU A WINNER!? MENTALLITY IS EVERYTHING :fire::facepunch::thermometer::drop_of_blood::sparkling_heart: :lion:

Please guys think that you re not in the middle of a war or starving god IS giving you another lovely day, is an inmense present, make the world a better place for everybody.

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Day 3: Today it was a good day at work, but my friend is trying to get the girl I was trying to get and I let him, he told me and I was like ok shoot your shoot, it hurted at first but Im not god i can t make everything perfect, love comes when It comes, this week i don t want sex, Im abstaining and being almost careless and funcional 100%, a cold guy.

There are more fishes in the sea, whats meant to you It wil come and u Will never have whats not meant for you, to be a cold guy and a winner you gotta understand how everything goes, I want to meet a girl but if she is banging a lot of guys i don t want that, I rather a more romantic one.