Experiencing ED. Help!

Been PMO since the age of 13. And my porn habits are aimed at only one thing finding the next hottest pornstar, it was never finding the next extreme stuffs or any kinky stuff as you get plateaued with regular stuff.Now age 29 I have been experiencing severe ED. When it started, I could get an erection only through physical stimulation, oral or hand and could sustain it throughout sex. And this slowly progressed to losing erection even while stimulating physically, the stimulation had to be fast and if it was slow, I would lose it. And as it progressed, once I lost it during sex. Now I could not get an erection even with hand stimulation while standing without watching porn. But if I watch porn lying on bed(the regular position) I could get erection with my hand stimulation but once I stop, I would lose it in few secs. And I have been having sleeping problems where I have slept under 6hrs for over a year if not consistently. And I started noticing my erection problems, I also noticed that my Morning wood was also gone.
And ever since I have jus felt numb. No libido, no urge, no random erections even with a girls touch and the refractory period got so worse like more than a day unless I was taking a pill. As I was frustrated with my last partner, I took pills twice, and both the times I could get erections rock hard even without any stimulation jus by kissing. And I had the longest penetrative sex 20-30mins,otherwise my timing has been 5-10mins during struggling days.

So when I couldn’t get hard even with my hand stimulation. It hit me hard. I am not sure if I have physical or psychological or PIED. I have started no-pmo on march 8. It’s been 28days. I have had no erections or change in libido since then. I had morning erections but weak ones like 50%. I am little scared that if the damage has been done permanently. I checked even with an urologist, he jus shrugged it off even after physically checking , saying that there is nothing wrong as I was physically fit,don’t smoke or drink.

Jus help me out guys! Is it PIED? How long is it going to take to get out of this rut? Will the refractory period be reset? Will the getting and sustaing erection get restored? And ejaculation duration prolonged even without pills? Like how it used to be in teens or the recovery won’t be 100% ?

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Listen bro. I’m also masturbating from 8 years. Experienced PIED. I depend on urges if your urges are on roof and then you can’t get it up that means something wrong. But if don’t get enough urges that means it’s physiological. Stick to nofap. You won’t regret it. Take 90 days challenge and focus on your life.


Hello Brother you may be undergoing the so called transition stage.
Don’t worry.
Nothing to think negative about.
Read the nofap pdf book.It may be the flatline stage.

Yeah man, as prajwall said, try a complete 90 days reboot and then get back to your partner, you’ll see immense change. However when I mentioned a complete reboot, it should be without any cheats, like lurking in hot pictures on Instagram models or edging, etc … these should be avoided at all costs. Find something productive to do, if you feel any urges, channel that sexual energy to those productive stuff. Trust me a complete 90 days reboot can do wonders, if you’ve enough time I would recommend a 365 as well. Btw when you said you’ve experienced ED, is it with the same partner in a long relationship, or with multiple partners ?

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Thanks for the suggestions man. And ya it was with the same long time partner of 7yrs.

@slimshadz try to have organic intercourse if possible without pressure.
The pill to perform is an epic crap and I have faced that.
Be natural.
Don’t rush up.
Rome is not built in a day.
God bless brother.

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