Experiences regarding flat line of people who are having a streak of more then 90 days

Hi everyone there.
I know it is tough to have a longer streak.
For the people who have achieved it I would like to ask them about behaviours of faltlines.
Which were the days when they were strong and which were the days your urges were strong.
The faltlines are really a great headache urges are not there but emotionally drained too…
With less energy what to do.??
Please help all long streak holders.
Thank you.


Its interesing. Im just about 180 days. You have flat lines but you start to realize this is normal. Life goes up and down. You have to remember you have created a world of false pleasure. Its not easy but you will start seeing good changes even with flat lines. Remember its normal and that life isnt always a picnic is the key.


Life is in itself is always full of ups and down fap or nofap
There are specific days when energies are high or low so I observe this ftatlines are faced by all.
It is a period of fluctuation only we become aware of such periods and the rest world is not.
What do you think no fappers?