Exhausted, anyone had conquered and trasmuted sex force?

17 days on hardcore mode and im exhausted, today i did edge, and in the afternoon i was thinking why im doing this, most of people just do nofab and no porn thats it. Im triying more than that i need rescue my humanity and healing myself, need all the strenght, break opossite forces, and attain knowledge. Anyone here do conquer the sex force and transmut it in love on god and strenght?

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Yes i had transmuted it before i was in my 4th week of hard mode back then.
The feeling is more enjoyable than the feeling of momentry pleasure of orgasm.

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What is your reason to not wanna have sex anymore?
There is something like physical energy and mental energy.
Maybe it needs some physical energy but if your doing it properly it gives you mental energy.
I compare it to eating sweets. It is known that if you don’t do it properly (eating tons of sweets every day) it is unhealthy for your body. But some sweets here and there brings joy into your life. This joy makes you healthy, happy and stronger. On the opposite side it drains you completely if you have to tell yourself everyday “no! I mustn’t eat sweets. It’s bad for me” this will leave you drained, unhappy and weak.

For me, having tantra sex once a month without orgasm is something like having a diet without sweets and then, once a month your binge eating every thing you want. You’re eating sweets the whole day. But, that it doesn’t effect your body, your vomiting them out after each meal. Is that healthy?

To transmute something into love for your life and strength you need to know what you are doing is absolutely right. That doesn’t work only with sex. Everything you are doing every day can make you stronger. I don’t eat meat from bad animal farming. this is probably healthier but mainly it makes me stronger since I know that I do the right thing. If you think sex is the right thing, than it should be easy to “transmute” that into energy. But you CAN’T transmute it just because someone says it is healthier because it probably isn’t.

Don’t believe everything just because you read it somewhere. If you wanna do it because you know that it is the right thing then do it and it shouldn’t be too hard. If you aren’t sure whether it is the right thing then it will be almost impossible to do (and also pointless / harmful)

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because I have had spiritual problems that come from women. When lust was in the midle, and I was corrupt instead of straight, those relationships ended badly. That led me to very serious problems. I want to close those weaknesses, purify myself. That is why I want to do Brahmacharya, whiche is a form of tapas, or austerity that brings purifycation and direct everything to the top.I want recover back my life, my humanity. In my case my sex attraction and lust, bring me this problems.