Exercise For Beginner

I need help. :roll_eyes:
What a great sport for a beginner like me, to be healthy enough and avoid relapse

Thank you! :blush:


Hey bro welcome to the community

Well I suggest going for running and doing pushups.

As for sports, I guess football should suffice.

Also besides exercise, Read the “easypeasy method”
Search in the forum and read it.
It is the easiest method of quitting pmo, without any suffering and sacrifice.


Only running . !!!

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A bit of warmup and stretching and then a bit of heavy exercise would do great.
As a beginner half an hour will be great. Instead of doing it for extended period of time better do it twice a day for smaller amounts of time

Hit the gym bro! Go crazy!:muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:

Well you can’t post a question in a public forum and expect to get the same exact answer from everyone now can you?


I know I was jk because they are reverse XD

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:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: we all told the same answer bro .

Nep and Govind told him to do heavy exercises (Nep said that they wouldn’t be bad) and hit the gym (Govind) while you said only running. Wait. Does this mean running is a heavy exercise? XD

I said start with some “warmup and stretching” and later you can do some heavy exercise.
I know it works because I’ve been doing this myself
Stretching itself can take a week to get used to

I know but then you said “then a bit of heavy exercise would do great” I exaggerated because it was just joke and for the same reason pls don’t kill me

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