Excessive masturbation?

I don’t have porn addiction but whenever i feel horny–which is quite often–I masturbate. That can go upto 4 times a day sometimes. That is causing me a numb pain in my testicle, I know that i need to control my frequency but I lose to the urge most of the times. What to do?


If you are doing 4 times per day…then you have a lot of energy in your body.:muscle::muscle: But you don’t know how to transmute this energy in good direction.
At first I will say… waste this energy in hard exercise…do more and more exercise ,everyday.the frequence of masterbation will definitely decrease .
Reduce mobile uses…

Stop it completely, otherwise it will fuck your life


Stop jerking the cock.
Stop watching bad pics/videos/dirty imagination.

Start taking control of your life.


It’s just a question of time before you understand that you are addicted.


I recommend reading this book.

I heard its been helpful for many.

I have just started reading it. Will see what benefits it holds.

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“Excessive” masturbation? Buddy, there’s no “optimum” masturbation :joy::joy:

Just dont do it bro.

I understand you brother even I used to do it multiple times a day but if u really want to quit my advice is BE AROUND PEOPLE.
if u want to masturbate just go outside take a walk.
And What if u want to masturbate again after coming from walk ?
Then you have to go outside again be around people.
And there r many other things you can try just search in this forum.
U can’t just stop completely but u can reduce the frequency of fapping in a month.