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Greetings Everyone, :handshake::clinking_glasses:
I decided to make this thread to announce to the whole rewire community that I will score above “95 percentile” in my upcoming exam no matter what :triumph::fire: which is in 4-5 days from today. I will also share the screenshot of my result. :100: I thought a lot before making this thread what if I wasn’t able to achieve my goal, What if things didn’t go the way I wanted them to go. But keeping all my doubts aside, Keeping all my fear aside. I made this to prove to myself that I am not a loser, I am not scared of anything.I do have a plan of action to get the desired score if I study in these 4-5 days seriously. So, in order to make that happen, I am going to study 8 hour daily :white_check_mark: without sacrificing my sleep schedule. I will update my progress after every study session. Now, I feel a sense of responsibility to prove myself right, that I can achieve anything that I set my mind to.

Starting From Today 2021-07-12T12:30:00Z :fire::100:

I will Give my Best ! :star2:


Nice man :fire::fire:
Give your best. You will get there.


Nice all the best brother :+1::blush:


Give your all the very best of you buddy, one single philosophy bro If you can DREAM it, you can ACHIEVE it, let us know the exam acer score of yours :wink::wink:


All the best buddy… Do well…


Best of luck and your efforts brother :fist_right::love_you_gesture::fist_left:.
Be the star :star:.

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Thanks everyone, For all those encouragement I won’t let you all Down :+1: :wink:

Did All the planning stuff :white_check_mark: I will begin from tomorrow :fire: :100: No excuses Just stay calm and Study. Wish to have a productive day tomorrow.

Today’s Progress :star2:
:x: Study 8 hours (4 hours :white_check_mark: )

I will make sure to bring a change. I will give my best tomorrow. Going to sleep now :night_with_stars:
Good Night Everyone :sleeping:

Always Hungry to Win No matter what ! :fire:



I think you are going to give JEE exam phase 3

Am i right.


Yeah bro :+1:
20 character limit


:white_check_mark: I woke up at 8 am, then had breakfast and went for a haircut it took a lot of my time. I also hanged out for a while went to meet a friend and returned at the time of appointment. And Getting a haircut and all the outdoor stuff took me till 12 pm. Now I returned back take bath and Then It was time for lunch. Had lunch. After lunch I have a habit to lie down since I feel lazy after eating. And then I sat to study studied 2 hours :white_check_mark: . And then checked RC.
At evening I started to study again, Studied 2 more hours :white_check_mark: :100: and then had my dinner. Now I am going to study 2 more hour :white_check_mark: and The Go to Sleep.

:x: Total - 6 hours

I will not give up, This is my last chance, I have to do this. I cannot afford to lose this chance. I will give my best. :fire:

Good Night See You all tomorrow :night_with_stars: :zzz: :sleeping:


I’m so happy to see you use Haikyuu GIFs​:sob::sob::sob::sob:

Gambare! Gambare!:clap::clap::clap::clap:


Arigato Gosaimas :wink: :+1: :handshake:
Ganbarimasu :100: :fire:


Best of Luck brother :+1::v:


7 hours :100::white_check_mark:
My exam got over, It went well. Because I thought I will not be able to attempt more than 2-3 question. Announcing it here, Gave me a push. But still I lack strategy and wasn’t completing chapter quickly. Now, I am picking up the pace. Will update daily from now on. :fire:
I have one more attempt and this is the last attempt. I will fulfill my promise. I won’t give up. :muscle:


Bro haikyu fan ibam a weeb too

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Nice bro…We have a lot of anime fans here. Welcome to the club…:handshake::star2::100:

Thanks bro

This line is because of 20 words limit

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Daily Goal - :beginner: (A Must Everyday from Today)

:fleur_de_lis:Solve 100 Question Daily :fire:

I have always studied theory in every hour of my studies. I always keep escaping from question. Since, After spending so much time on theory I wasn’t able to solve question. I don’t want to get depressed that’s why I stopped doing question. And Now I realize the importance of questions. So, I need to do it to do better in my exams. I must do it. I promise that I will solve 100 question daily :muscle::100:

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