Evilish fap ruins my life

I’m 26M, single and haven’t married yet
I got this such evil addiction since I slept with my girl 6-7 years ago. Since that time, I can’t stop Fapping as well my head thinking of what I’ve done with my girl, my ex anyway. I’ve been trying to stop but my trigger is loneliness, boredom, and my desire within. The longest streak it only stands 1 month, as I being on training somewhere with no internet and phone, and being busy with some events and chores. Many things come after fap, I just feel guilty but also feel so light. Help me to cope with this. Thanks


You need to move on bro,
Keep yourself busy.
If sexual thoughts & urges emerge then do something, like office work, or your hobby or passion, etc. Keep yourself occupied.

Do exerzises and meditation daily for atleast 1 hour each.

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Thanks for advice mate. Well, I couldn’t get my self focus even only for 10 minutes. But, I’ll try


The struggle you are in today, is developing strength you need tomorrow.

Keep going. In a year from now, you’ll thank yourself.