Everyday Motivation For No Nut November

“Motivation doesn’t last nor does Bathing that’s why we recommend it daily”

You might sometimes think, that You know everything about nofap. Benefits, side-effects and how to achieve it.
But You still relapse.

While relapsing your mind becomes blank it just need dopamine. So, you aren’t able to control yourself at that moment and You realize what have you done. And then you think about the benefits and side effects of it.

You are an ordinary fapper. Most of the people do experience this that they know everything its consequences still they do it.

So, what is this forum for,

  1. Everyday I will be uploading something Motivational or related to nofap.
  2. Anyone can upload content related to nofap in this forum.( other than useful content no other content is allowed).
  3. Visit daily in the start of your day in order to be motivated throughout the day.
  4. The problem with Youtube is that it keep recommending, it can be useful and time wasting at the same time so the videos present in youtube we will share here and watch that from this forum so that we can watch a single video and be productive throughout the day.

Thank you for coming, Your suggestions will be valueable here. Please Feel free to suggest anything.

Thank You


I would like to have a poll !
What I think If the videos are in your mother language that influences you more and you understand it very well. But never the less the result of poll will be taken seriously.

How many of you are comfortable with Hindi language?
  • No only English
  • English and Hindi both are okay
  • Other language

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I’m a french native speaker. English is already in my limit zone ^^


I would like to share the strategy we will have:

:arrow_right: At the starting of Novemeber our motivation is generally high so we do not need enough motivation or we need motivation to stay productive. Nofap provide energy which you have to use to be the best version of yourself. If you do not use it, it will find its way through wet dreams or through something else.

:arrow_right: During the start, we are completely going to ignore nofap the fact that we are on nofap we have to forget it.
We will just focus on our work or studies.

:arrow_right: During the Mid we will heavily rely on Motivation or the way our body might get used to the habits of yours and do not have enough time to do anything else you just need to do the work. But still during the mid, We need to be motivated as much as we can.

:arrow_right: During the end one of the two things will happen we will get used to the habit of being productive and forget the fact that we are on nofap no urges nothing and you are now nofap forever you have self control.In this case you need nothing keep going like the way it is be productive and develop yourself.


You will feel high urges, demotivated or fearing the fact that what if I relapse I will lose No Nut November.In this case We will be Unproductive as much as we can We will watch youtube do unproductive work. We will engage ourself in unproductive work. Install Games in your phone not those who are very addictive but games are meant to be addictive. So, let it be play games, watch Netflix or any web series. What you have to do is relax Your mind and forget the fact that you are on nofap

Once you complete NNN. Imagine yourself there how you will feel that energy and the self respect you will develop for your self. That pride you will have that atleast You committed something and fulfilled it. What happens if the last 10 days were unproductive or waste but the feeling of victory that will push you to have a better productivity and brain powers.

Thank you so much.
Please do share your views on this strategy any improvement message will be highly appreciated.

Greatness is coming for us


Day :- 1 ; 2020-10-31T18:30:00Z :white_check_mark:


Day :- 2; 2020-11-01T18:30:00Z :white_check_mark:


Day :- 3 ; 2020-11-02T18:30:00Z :white_check_mark:


Everyone who thinks Watching Motivational videos work for him/her !

Please do share your code.

I want to observe is motivation really that much effective throughout the journey of nofap. Then we must continue for next month too.

Sharing my code: ko8y31

These guys are inspiration for all of us ! :black_heart:


Day: 4 ; 2020-11-03T18:30:00Z :white_check_mark:


Code yhnkas
16 years old



Do you want them to win ?
Fuck you P Industry !


MotherFuckers need to burn down to the ground…:grimacing::grimacing::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Fuck you porn companies !!!

Nevertheless, it gives me joy to think that most of us are free from their lying and brainwashing. :partying_face::partying_face:

And I pity the ones who still havent abandonend the sinking ship.


Fuck You stupid industry!

With us, you lose in November, but also all the rest of the year! Loser!


We Shall Not Let Them Win !!


J’mapple bb1508
Comme alles vous?

I did learn French but now it has become rusty :sweat_smile:

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Please share oreoteddy’s code.
Would like to follow this guy

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I dont have his code. I found out his Id on Message board and followed him.

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reoteddy - 9k76bj