Everyday Morning when i wake up i used to masturbate

I don’t know why, every morning when i wakeup i search for porn and then end up masturbating . I tried to stop this multiple time but each time i relapsed quickly and then fall back :frowning:
I started no fap today and installed this app
Hope i can get help
But i want to know why i was getting this urge when i wake up.
Does anyone experience d the same

Thank you for reading
May god bless you


The sperm count in our semen will be highest during morning…and it has to be ejaculated naturally by our body… and it is the reason for the sexual thoughts arising morning

And if you masturbate morning…u will loose all the energy and feel drowsy the whole day.

Me too experienced the same problem…

Only way to get rid of it is to not touch your phone immediately after wake up.

Follow a routine like morning get up and do yoga, meditation, cycling, finish breakfast and then you open the phone.

Thats the only possible way I knew…

God bless u too…

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Me too experience the same issue bro.
Only with discipline and good habits we able to overcome it


@Fearless.soul Thank you for sharing the details
I will try to follow this from now on
Added you as companion :slight_smile:
And thanks for the quick reply


@Busyman how long did it take you to overcome
Thank you for the quick reply
I like this community i should have known this earlier. :slight_smile:


Same here. I’ve found that placing my phone in other (common) room is a good solution.
Also, having a clear thing to do when you wake up is important. You need to have a goal and set time to do it at.

I’ve been doing nofap for 1 year and 8 months now, and I’m currently at day 1. After 65 days, I relapsed hard and feel very tired now, even after two nights of good sleep. It is shocking how lethargic I was two years ago, where I couldn’t even put in the energy to speak to my parents. “I’m too tired”, I said.

Try the following:

  • Phone out of room at night, from sleep time or a bit before.
  • Install the lock me out app, block phone from 30 mins before sleep time to 30 mins after wake time. You can whitelist apps which you may need for emergencies, such as rewire. Make it a location-based lockout, so you can go out of the house if you really need to call someone or whatever, if there’s a real emergency.

Do these two things, and you will learn from your own experiences and people on the forum along the way.

Best of luck!


If I overcomed why I was going to be here bro :joy: … sorry bro it suddenly came into mind.
Anyway I have highest streak of 81.
So I share what I do.
After wake up and refreshing I do breathing exercises (Kapalapathi) 3 rounds (I take 20 mins for me) for raising my energy from lower chakras to head, then I do yoga for 30mins , then little meditation. Then I go take cold showers. Until that i don’t take my phone. Simple.
Then i go to class and start working towards my plans for that before that i write the night before(for tomorrow I write plan this night or morning after yoga and mediation session).


Once you get aligned with this work, it’s going to easy. It may take like one to two week …that’s it
I personally follow a yoga and workout program in online. Every morning I workout with them , I dont think what i have to do today , what next day like that. They plan for me , i simply do a follow along. If suppose I have to wake up and think,plan than it drains lot of willpower. So chances are I may fap. Offcourse i use wifi in lap. But I love yoga so i dont think about masturbation and bla bla. It’s all about that starting the yoga , once i started surely i will do it. It’s like a kick start of my day.

Have a plan prior what to do next morning ,throughout the day ( not strict, just rough one…surely it helps) and what not to do .
If you start your day positively there is a high chance it will go positively. So you goto bed with satisfaction. With that satisfaction you get power for next day too.


Try to create a short term , long term goals and a rough plans towards them.
With responsibility and seeing the progress towards your goals you overcome the addiction.


It’s become a habit for you @don3888
If you really want to stop it-

  1. Block Google and all social media the night before, and allow it to be viewed only after, say some hours after you get up. Even better, completely block it(what I did) and use computers for those things.
  2. Replace that habit with another one. Create a morning ritual, eg. Wake up, drink 500ml water , meditate etc.

There are 2 reasons bro… One is, our testosterone is high in the morning. So we generally wake up with an urge…

Second is habit… We sometimes get urges at specfic timings. May be u were habituated to doing M in the morning.

What @Ash_Matt said will help bro… I would suggest work out too… I do it and it helps.