Ever heard of the Five Budo Minds?


So I do Martial Arts. It’s my passion. The art I take has roots in Japan. We have been taught a very good philosophy. The Five Judo Minds. They are Shoshin, Zanshin, Mushin, Fudoshin, and Senshin.

Shoshin is the beginners mind. You must strive every day to learn something new. Be open to new knowledge. If you believe in an afterlife then knowledge is what you take with you. Learn from your mistakes. Fapping and porn are painful demons we fight. So find out what you’re doing wrong and learn from it! Then work on becoming better.

Zanshin is the connected mind. You should strive to connect to your environment. Adapt to new things. Keep in mind how you feel.

Mushin is no mind. Once you practice something enough it becomes incoded into your DNA

Fudoshin is the immovable mind. Make up your mind now to never fap and view porn again. Be hard as a rock with roots as a tree.

Finally Senshin the enlightened mind. This is where everything falls into place with perfect harmony. It takes work and I personally believe a higher deity to achieve. Seek for Senshin daily as you do all the other minds.

The Five Budo Minds are all connected through a web. I would challenge you guys to find ways of achieving these mindsets. I know I am happiest when I can achieve true Senshin. Use the Budo Minds as tools in your utility belt as you battle these demons. Welcome to the Mudansha Kai in Nofap Jutsu. I love guys. Happy victories!


I think i am on zanshin mind state for now

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If there was a minus 3 mind. You can put me in that category.
My journey of recovery is long and painful.


Fudoshin buddy. Make up your mind now. Then do everything you can to fix it. It has been painful for me too. Let me know how I can help you.

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Thanks buddy, i will let you know if i requires any help.

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