Erectile Dysfunction in 20s

I am a 20yo healthy guy suffering from ED and I am pretty sure that it is caused by PMO. My libido is still low and I wonder if it will ever come back to normal. Anyone else in here trying to fight the same demon? or someone who saufferd from ED and nofap helped him overcame this problem? I would really like to hear some opinions on this topic. If so, feel free to message me. Good luck everyone :crossed_fingers: Stay strong :muscle:


@BlackOrest Im still fighting the urges, and have been researching this problem since May, hoping to help me get a lover, due to the urges Iā€™m still having trouble finding one. Yes, you will get a higher libido the longer you keep yourself from doing anything sexual, resulting in noticing how interested you are in people and activities, as well as becoming more sensitive to your feelings.

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