Enough of depression let's live

These are my thoughts and this post is for me.
I’ve decided to completely forget about girls and sex. I can think of them on my next life stage.
I started to notice that my brain thinks that sex and girls are the only things that are interesting. But if I think logically, there is nothing interesting in those. Seriousely, they are not. If those are just chemicals, then I’ll fight them, no problem.
One problem arises, find out what is interesting then? Math? Engineering? Music?
Yeah, I love music, and I’ll become a musician, I know that. I’ll post one of covers here if nobody’s mind.
Girls are not less problem then other problems, first I need to solve mine, then her and ours.
I can handle this. So, I am NOT INTERESTED IN GIRLS.
Let’s live and see what’s next)


To be honest i have also started thinking this way and it is helping me


Yes brother… There’s a time for that, especially when we get married… Otherwise we get lost in that cycle of lust.


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