Emotional mess! Need help

Recently going though a very problematic stage in my 5 year long relationship (with the girl I wanted to marry) that might lead to a break up. I am asking help in this forum for reducing spillover effects so that I do not ruin my 86 days of nofap streak.
Tried meditation, mind is too distracted, but I was mediating regularly before. I am meaninglessly browsing pages (which is a risk). Would appreciate a few tips to get myself back on track.


Try this technique if you can.

Take a pen and paper.
Find a peaceful spot where you will not disturbed by any one else.
Put your smartphone and computer swtuch off.
Just you, pen and paper.

Start writing down whatever is coming to your mind.
Don’t mind the grammer or sentence completion.
Just flush all your thoughts out in to the paper.

Once you finish that?

Start writing what benefit will I get from giving up the NoFap journey now?
Write down the benefits and pleasure you will get from it.
Then what are the bad consequences you will suffer if you give up?
Write those also.

Write in detail. Take some time.

Finally I hope when you have done all this, you will be better.
If not, after all this, then meditate.

I hope this helps.
Do not worry. We are all with you.
You will have a great future.
You will get the right girl for you.
You will live a happy life.



First, comes self priority. Then girls.

First, comes you. Then her.

First, comes self respect, then her.

First comes Nofap, Then her.


It works! Writing and venting out helps…thanks!

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Am glad to know that bro.

Keep going. Never give up and all the best.

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