Ejaculatory control


As a man ages, his sexual energy appears to diminish somewhat. A twenty-five-year-old male is nowhere near as sexually obsessed as he was at fifteen.

By forty, some men begin to experience what they may think are normal signs of aging: It takes longer to get an erection, longer to reach an orgasm; force and volume of the ejaculation are less than they used to be; and after a man has ‘finished’ the refractory period, before he can ejaculate again, increases.

The tantric view of these symptoms is that they are not normal signs of age but rather signs of the second chakra’s depletion, a result, Tantricas believe, of the too-frequent expulsion of the life essence contained in a man’s semen.

Consciously controlling the ejaculation of that essence is the solution to such problems.

Some people reject the idea of semen retention because they believe it is a refutation of sexual experience. In fact, it is the conscious control of the base level sexual experience in order to access new, higher levels of sexual performance and pleasure.

Imagine not having a ‘refractory period’ because you’re always pumped ready to go
Imagine being so turned on by your partner that you feel electric currents inside you
Imagine stoking and circulating the sexual energy into other areas of the body, nourishing and charging your whole life

The only way we are successful in convincing people about the value of ejaculatory control is by getting them to try it, and in this way everyone that does try it has told me that its benefitted their life and relationships.

Tantric sex distinguishes between the experiences of orgasm and of ejaculation, which is also a fairly revolutionary idea for westerners, who usually think of the two as one.

Tantra defines orgasm as the internal experience of explosive sexual climax, and ejaculation as the external expression of it—the losing of orgasmic energy, in a way, the releasing or letting go of it into the external environment.

With extended practice, ejaculatory control allows a man to separate orgasm and ejaculation, allows him to keep his orgasm inside, and enjoy it in its circuit through his body