Effect of nofap on joint inflammation and hair growth

Hello everyone,
I wanted to know from long time community members who had problem of male pattern baldness and knee pain. For these two particular issues has anyone experience benifits or relief by following a no fap routine religiously.

Thank you in advance for replying

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I dont had baldness but knee problem.
I was not able to stand on my legs for very long. After nofap lifestyle, i started Running. Knee problems were gone.

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I cannot confirm whether it’s due to nofap, but I can confirm that my working hours are pretty much whole day till 11:00 PM and I start working at 8:30 AM. And I stand and work all these hours, there is no chair for me. My knees are fine, no pain and I feel better because sitting makes me lazy.
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In my case it doesn’t help with pains in knees and ankles.

I have no pattern baldness but following nofap I observed that any streak longer than 20 days makes my hair fall out at a slower rate

I suffered from baldness pretty much, my hair grew very thin, it all started do to excessive masturbation. Now after treatment and after staying away from PMO long time, I feel my hair fall reduced to 0. I did not do hair transplant. My code is — daaf29 .

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