Edging, need advice

Whether edging is good or bad, sometimes I just started masturbating but suddenly I realised it’s a bad.then I stop…but what a real problem is , am doing daily morning like this…please advice it’s good or bad…


Bruh, it’s bad it’s very bad and you also know it. Don’t find an excuse to masturbate because their isn’t one. When you can’t masturbate then why do you even tempt to think of dirty things, this will only make you more anxious. I have a hack to tackle this problem and it is, get busy. Get busy in productive activities and sleep for only 8 hours in one go not like you’re sleeping in night and the afternoon too, just complete your sleep in one go. Now you have 16 hours and use these 16 hours to be productive in the most efficient mannner. If you do this then you’ll get yo know what the real pleasure of life is. Good Luck👍


Only you can decide if it’s good or bad for you. Only you can see how it feels afterwards, and whether it brings many negative consequences in your life.
Know why you want to do nofap before you actually do it.


Masturbation is natural. But watching porn and masturbating regularly. Then it is bad.

And during nofap, edging is more bad and causes more damage to your soul.

Ques.) How can we prove edging and masturbation are equal?

Ans.) As we know masturbation gives us pleasure. So according to this…

Masturbation(M) = Pleasure§ ----------eq(i)

Edging gives you pleasure too.so,…

Edging(E)= Pleasure§ ------------------eq(ii)

From eq(i) and eq(ii) we can say that

Masturbation= edging.

Hence proved



Lol😂…Felt like maths class
Nice explanation

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I’d suggest flicking rubber band on your wrist. The pain it causes helped me a lot with overcoming urges in the morning since it distracts me from the urge.