Edging is bad, real bad

Why am i saying edging is bad? Well, if it’s to extend your sex, it’s okay. But if it’s self pleasure, don’t even try. edging is bad because it’s making you want to see porn again and again. And for me, it’s more worse than masturbate. When masturbate you reach orgasm, when orgasm your dopamine gone, right? But if you edging, the dopamine is still in your brain, which is making you want see more porn, i mean more until you reach orgasm, which is very bad, and your brain will be fucked up. What do y’all say? Do y’all agree? If not, what’s the reason?


I agree. I lost too many times only because of edging, edging leads us to our next high which is eventually ejaculation. EDGING IS WORST!

Plus blue balls bro, that will definitely ruin the streak :joy:

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