Edging and prostate cancer

I am 21, currently on day 110 my main focus is semen retention not giving up those vital fluid, during those 110 day mark I have edged maybe 20 times without ejaculating, so should I ejaculate cuz of the risk of prostate cancer or should I stop edging right now and continue on nofap.will it cause any harm?.. I have no bad habits of smoking n consuming alcohol…

You should stop edging. You should not quit no fap. Your body may throw out edged semen anyway through wet dreams. There is no risk of prostate cancer.

Everytime I edge it feels like having blue balls. And when I used to edge I would constantly do it overtime until I ejaculate. Because your testicles naturally stores sperm and your dick is the convoy, you edge and suddenly there is no transport any longer, so they have to wait until they get released while you sack constantly fills up with newly made sperm cells. So stop edging because it wont help at all. There is a 2016 study that say masturbating 21 times per month MAY reduce the rick of having prostate cancer, however the fact that “numerous studies are being conducted, the link between frequent ejaculation and reduced prostate cancer risk is not conclusive” does it say in a MedialNewsToday article. So don’t let society fool you. There are a group who say masturbation is healthy which is obviously ridiculous and pathetic, and there are others who disagree out of common sense because of the hormonal changes masturbation causes.

Article: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/319536.php