Eazy Mode, good or bad?


Hi nofap heroes, I wanted to ask you about your opinions on eazy mode (no porn, but masturbation is allowed)

I find it very difficult to keep the streak for more than a week, because the need for porn and masturbation are too great. So I decided to go for eazy mode (for about 2 months of no porn) in order to defeat my porn addiction, and after that to progress to normal mode (without masturbation or porn).

What are your opinions, do you think eazy mode is a waste of time?


you could try it. It probably makes it a bit easier as you mentioned.
I tried it once and did some bad mistakes so that it didn’t work out.

If you try it I highly recommend not to masturbate every day (maybe once or twice a week) and dont edge. Just do it straight as fast as you can. Don’t do it because it feels good but just to let go the urge and sexual need.
I ended up sitting on the toilet for 2 hours every day :see_no_evil:

Also I wouldn’t go for 2 months. Try it for a month and judge it then.

If you try it tell us whether or not it worked


Good advice, only once or twice a week, when the urge is too great. I will try this.


Easy mode is bullshit.
Masturbation and porn. Both are equaly bad. Its like oh first i will quit alcohol then one month after i will quit smoking.
My advise is straight go for hard mode. You would be surprised by your journey.


that’s exactly what he means. Do I have to quit smoking and alcohol at the same time or can I do one after another.

Yes the underlying problem is the same and it’s not half as hard just because you are tackling only one of em. it’s not possible to get completely rid of porn while still masturbating but it could be that it is a bit easier to do one first to get a feeling how you can handle the urges. But in the end you have to switch to both.


@Filip how did eazy mode come out for you? Was it helpful? I’m trying eazy mode and want to know if you can share any benefits. :roll_eyes:


I think with that mode it will take more time to rewire your brain.


I think an easy mode should neither contain P nore M (but allow real-love making) … Otherwise why would you call it nofap? If you only want to fap less that’s totally fine, do so… but don’t fool yourself.


I agree. It may take longer but who really finishes nofap in 90 days? . I want to really see what my problem is with no p. That’s why I want to do Eazy mode.