EasyPeasy Statements Checklist

This is a checklist from “your personal stop smoking plan workbook” for the easyway to stop smoking that I thought could be adapted for this PMO hack book as well. Consider that if you do not believe these statement to be true that there might still be some brainwashing left in you. Enjoy!
The instructions


The checklist

1. There are many good reasons to stop watching porn
  1. There are no good reasons to continue watching porn
  2. The only reason I continue to PMO is porn addiction
  3. Any pleasure or benefit I thought I got from porn was just an illusion
  4. The empty, insecure feeling of withdrawal from the body is not relieved by porn; it’s caused by it
  5. Fear keeps porn users in the trap
  6. It’s only when I can’t watch porn that porn seems precious
  7. I PMO to relieve discomfort caused by the previous session
  8. Addiction is 1 per cent physical (the Little Monster) and 99 per cent mental (the Big Monster)
  9. The Porn trap makes users believe the inverse of the truth
  10. Watching Porn is not improving your sex life or interest in your partner/love interest – it’s an acquired loss of taste
  11. Porn doesn’t make me relaxed and confident – the addiction makes me insecure and shaky
  12. The only thing that can stop the downward spiral of misery is to stop watching Porn
  13. It’s never too late to escape
  14. Escape is easy
  15. It’s essential that I destroy the Big Monster that makes me think I get some kind of pleasure or a crutch from porn
  16. The difference between users and non-users is that non-users do not suffer the discomfort caused by porn withdrawal
  17. Watching porn does absolutely nothing for me whatsoever
  18. The fear of failure proves that I hate the thought of remaining a porn addict for life
  19. The fear of success disappears when I unravel the brainwashing and see through the illusions
  20. The association with the relief of porn withdrawal creates the illusion that I like the orgasm
  21. The so-called “special” sessions seem precious because they follow a period of abstinence and coincide with occasions that would be enjoyable anyway
  22. Porn doesn’t relieve stress, it is a primary cause of stress. It’s important to understand how I’ve been tricked into believing the opposite
  23. The tendency is always to PMO more, not less. Anyone who tries to curb the amount they masturbate is always fighting this urge
  24. The only way I can remove the urge to PMO is to quit completely
  25. Watching Porn is not a habit, it’s an addiction
  26. Porn addicts are not weak-willed. On the contrary, it takes a strong will to continue to PMO in the face of so many good reasons to stop
  27. Willpower will not make me a happy non-user for life
  28. You only require willpower if you have a conflict of wills
  29. Unless you understand the illusion of pleasure, the next session (the one you can’t have) will always seem precious
  30. With the willpower method you are always waiting for something not to happen, so you’re left forever wondering if you’ve succeeded
  31. I am not “giving up” anything
  32. I am getting rid of a disease
  33. With the willpower method you never escape the trap
  34. I will beware of ex-users who’ve quit with the willpower method
  35. I have everything to gain and nothing to lose by stopping
  36. All porn users are the same
  37. I became an addict because I used an addictive drug, not because of my personality or genetic make-up
  38. Anyone can be cured of porn addiction. I just have to stop using porn
  39. Many factors influence how heavy a porn user you become. Personality is not one of them
  40. The belief that having sex and orgasms are the goals to reach for all human beings are part of the myths perpetuated by characters on TV and in the movies
  41. Watching Porn destroys concentration by making me think, “I want to watch porn.” This makes it hard for me to concentrate
  42. Porn causes boredom, it doesn’t relieve it
  43. If I mistakenly believe I can’t concentrate without porn, I will ensure that I can’t
  44. Porn is not educational. There is no graduation for attending porn "classes"
  45. Anyone who perpetuates the myth that porn provides some kind of pleasure or a crutch is mistaken
  46. Porn users have no freedom. They do not choose to masturbate; the fact is that they have no control over their usage
  47. Nobody enjoys using Porn. They only think they do because they’re drug addicts and miserable when they’re not allowed to watch it
  48. Porn does not alleviate a crisis, it makes it worse. Much worse!
  49. Others porn addicts want me to watch porn for their comfort, not mine
  50. Choosing to remain a porn addict is like choosing to wear tight shoes just for the relief of taking them off
  51. Porn is a powerful sexual desire killer. Porn alternatives are not safe
  52. Substitute users never remove the desire to use porn
  53. Substitute perpetuate the illusion that you are making a sacrifice when you stop using porn
  54. Never use substitutes
  55. Porn creates a permanent feeling similar to hunger
  56. Exercise makes me feel good physically and mentally
  57. Porn reduces my capacity for exercise and sex
  58. One peak is all it takes to get hooked again
  59. All porn addicts are in the same trap. The only way to escape is to stop watching porn completely
  60. Cutting down creates a sense of deprivation and increases the perceived value of the next porn video
  61. Casual porn users are only envied for the amount they don’t watch
  62. Stoppers and Starters have the worst of both worlds
  63. I am quitting for my own personal happiness, not for anyone else
  64. With Easypeasyway, I will finish my final visit with absolute certainty that I will never PMO again
  65. I will become a happy non-PMOer the moment I finish my final visit
  66. Anyone can get free, provided they remove all doubt about their decision to do so
  67. Avoiding misery is not the same as achieving happiness
  68. Removing Porn from my life will not create a void
  69. If I still mistakenly believe there are advantages to porn I will be vulnerable to the fear of success
  70. The fear of stopping Porn usage is irrational. It is caused by starting to watch Porn
  71. I have a choice
  72. I do not need to go through any transitional period
  73. Porn is not my friend and never has been. It’s the worst enemy I’ve ever had
  74. Quitting will put me back in control of my life
  75. The fear of quitting is caused by Porn
  76. I won’t miss Porn
  77. I will enjoy life more
  78. I will deal better with stress
  79. I won’t have to go through some terrible trauma to escape
  80. There is is no physical pain
  81. The panic of withdrawal is the fear of missing out on your fix of the drug
  82. Kill the Little Monster and the addiction is dead
  83. Kill the Big Monster and I remove the fear
  84. Nothing bad can happen because I stop watching porn

Damn that’s a long checklist, good job on posting it here :fire:


Props to your hard work bro. This gonna help many people.:fire::fire::fire::fire:


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