Easy peasy hack book by Alan Car

I don’t know how many know about this book. But many people here are struggling daily about how to get out of this addiction.
many tried to help others know about this book, but still lot of people are fighting the addiction with the same old strategies. I am new to this forum so I request everyone to spread the message about easy peasy hack book by Alan Car. You can completely read that book within a day. So make it a priority and Read it. It will save lot of time in future. After I start earning, Insha Allah I will make a printed copy of the book and give it for free to my locality people. They may think me as a bad person but I won’t care. **my aim is to help others struggling with this awful addiction, ** SO YOU TOO SPREAD THE MESSAGE Atleast In this forum bcoz here no one will judge you

@Kaizen and all others

Direct link to the ebook


Sure bro :yellow_heart:… I will do it

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A good version of the book can always be found here for free:

I’d highly recommend reading it. Reading it a couple of times really helped me.


Read my last post in my diary. Please.


Thanks for sharing that.

I actually thank you a millionnnn times bcoz I came to know about that in ur diary while I was reading it.
Really God will bless you a lot lot bcoz after finding the correct way to curb this addiction, you didn’t leave the forum, you made others know about that book. I will pray for you @Bashi God will shower the blessings upon you

I am really short of words to express my gratitude. Thanks a lot again.

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@Byebyemediocrity thank you for kind words man. I’ve received tons of help on this journey so I’m glad that what I post here might be of help for others. We are all in this together, on this journey towards freedom. Take care.


Bro @Bashi
Is there any way we can spread this message to a wider audience within this forum bcoz I read the new msg section, I found a lot of people asking for help. If we can ask the admin to create a pinned post like he did for the Message for female rebooters it will be really helpful to everyone needing help. What do you say?

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Although I do agree that it would be nice that everyone was given the book as a recommended read in general, I do not think a pin is the right approach.

Allen Carr’s book was directed towards smokers. I’ve met quite some smokers who know about the book but refuse to read it for whatever reason. They probably want to stay addicted and not quit. Perhaps the same does apply here, don’t you think? Many get the book recommended but not so many actually read it. So perhaps pushing the book more or pinning it would make people just ignore it, I’m not sure. Besides that, only moderators can pin stuff. Maybe we can keep on writing in our own diaries about the book and perhaps when the streak is high enough, people will actually believe it… then give the book a read themselves.


How long have you been applying this book

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From June 2020…