During practicing nofap when I feel hot something are came from my penis.. Is it relapse bro?

Bro plzz hlp me… Iam facing a problem… on last night my urges are going to peak form bcoz my gf are feeling hot so that we are doing sex chat… but I can’t touch my penis… but something are coming out from my penis…is it relapse bro?? When I became hot I control myself so hardly but something are come from my penis… Now Iam tensed that is it counted to be relapse??

Plzz hlp me bro… Iam feeling helpless

It must be pre- ejaculation liquid, it is not sperm.It might be hot because you would be sitting at the time of chatting and sitting continuously warms our body. It would have been colourless and sticky even odourless. It’s function is just to smoothen the penis during sexual intercourse and it came out because you were thinking about sexual intercourse at that time.Theoritically it is not a relapse but according to hard mode of nofap and celibacy this is also considered a peek and a relaspe. However, dear friend you can; if you are very considerate about your addiction count it as a half relapse or that is half your streak or else you can just continue on and avoid sexual interactions later.


Thanks friend for helping me… pray for me…

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