Drojo's 90 Days no pmo challenge

Hello it’s DroJo I’m new here.
I’m average masturbator, I fap more than twice a day and now its impacts start showing.
Im going to stop pmo.
I’m 15 year old boi and I’m fapping since the age of 12.now it’s very addictive but I will stop pmo I’ll start my 90 days no pmo challenge
I’ll share my every single experience from this challenge stay tuned :handshake:


Day 1 22/may/23
last night i had a wet dream and feeling lazy, dizzy and less confidence

I woke up at 7:00 am morning
im lazy butt somehow i try to wake up early
feeling little happy becoz i slept more than 9hours :joy_cat:
this is my first day so i dont get any benefit i know ots too early but as i told you ill share y’all my every single experience


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Alright its 10:03pm here and im going to sleep
I’ve wasted my whole day. Not motivated to do exercise and for studies
Today Felt very little urge so i ignored it.
Also feeling lazy

Here im going to add some tasks on my daily basis for increasing my confidence, discipline, mental health and self improvement

Reading Books✅
Workout :x:
Drinking 2L+ water✅
Approach a Girl✅
3 hours+ Study❌
Productive workwork❌
Sleep before time 10pm❌
Get up from d bed before 6:00❌

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Day 2
Last night i face nightfall but i didn’t gave up easily
Today i woke up at 5:30 am that was my first early morning, Then i goes outside the House took some fresh air and started workout :weight_lifting_man::biking_man::muscle:tried to study at morning but couldn’t becuz of lack of discipline​:weary:

Note:- These were not the benefits of nofap😹, pretty obvious in 2 days of nofap isn’t enough

Book Reading✅
Meditation :x:
Workout :white_check_mark:
Drinking 2L+ water✅
Approach a Girl❌
3 hours+study❌
Productive work✅
sleep before 10pm❌
Get up from d bed before 6:00am✅

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Day 6 right now i felt little urges but i wont fap

These urges cannot stop me
The only thing can stop me is myself! which is not gonna happen!!
No matter what i will win this challenge :muscle:

i relapsed after day 8 :disappointed:
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the reason was my friend showed me ■■■■ on his laptop then it makes me horny when i reach at home i couldn’t control myself and relapsed😭

But it’s not over yet
I have to start from day 0 but no problem because i know in the end i will win
No matter what but i will complete this challenge

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day 4

Nofap occurs mood swing🙂
Trying meditation for controlling emotions :))))

New start Day 1
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I know it’s been a while I didn’t opened this application
I was too busy or you can say lazy to open this application. So what happened to me? I took control?or still relapsing?

I quite this apps months ago because I was not consistent and then I kept relapsing again nd again.

Now it’s 25/2/2024
Tomorrow is my board exam and I haven’t studied well hahaha and last night I relapsed

What next?
Now I’m gonna end this cycle

Ill be consistent here and we’ll be strict to my daily routine

I’ll make a to-do list here so I can keep track my progress


-No junk food
-Book Reading
-Drinking 2L+
-Approach a girl (to boost self confidence)
-Productive work
-No pmo
-No social media
-No video games

These tasks I have to complete everyday and have to update every night before sleeping

Also I’m doing social media and video game detox so I’m not going to open it for at least 30 days.
Today’s my day 1 of both nofap and social media detox as well

Let’s see what would happen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nice, keep us updated on your achievements. And i think you should beware of your friends because previously you relapsed as your friend showed you ■■■■. I think you should find some positive friends that have healthy habits and positive values.

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