Drojo's 90 Days no pmo challenge

Hello it’s DroJo I’m new here.
I’m average masturbator, I fap more than twice a day and now its impacts start showing.
Im going to stop pmo.
I’m 15 year old boi and I’m fapping since the age of 12.now it’s very addictive but I will stop pmo I’ll start my 90 days no pmo challenge
I’ll share my every single experience from this challenge stay tuned :handshake:

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Day 1 22/may/23
last night i had a wet dream and feeling lazy, dizzy and less confidence

I woke up at 7:00 am morning
im lazy butt somehow i try to wake up early
feeling little happy becoz i slept more than 9hours :joy_cat:
this is my first day so i dont get any benefit i know ots too early but as i told you ill share y’all my every single experience


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Alright its 10:03pm here and im going to sleep
I’ve wasted my whole day. Not motivated to do exercise and for studies
Today Felt very little urge so i ignored it.
Also feeling lazy

Here im going to add some tasks on my daily basis for increasing my confidence, discipline, mental health and self improvement

Reading Books✅
Workout :x:
Drinking 2L+ water✅
Approach a Girl✅
3 hours+ Study❌
Productive workwork❌
Sleep before time 10pm❌
Get up from d bed before 6:00❌

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Day 2
Last night i face nightfall but i didn’t gave up easily
Today i woke up at 5:30 am that was my first early morning, Then i goes outside the House took some fresh air and started workout :weight_lifting_man::biking_man::muscle:tried to study at morning but couldn’t becuz of lack of discipline​:weary:

Note:- These were not the benefits of nofap😹, pretty obvious in 2 days of nofap isn’t enough

Book Reading✅
Meditation :x:
Workout :white_check_mark:
Drinking 2L+ water✅
Approach a Girl❌
3 hours+study❌
Productive work✅
sleep before 10pm❌
Get up from d bed before 6:00am✅

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Day 6 right now i felt little urges but i wont fap

These urges cannot stop me
The only thing can stop me is myself! which is not gonna happen!!
No matter what i will win this challenge :muscle:

i relapsed after day 8 :disappointed:
download (8)

the reason was my friend showed me ■■■■ on his laptop then it makes me horny when i reach at home i couldn’t control myself and relapsed😭

But it’s not over yet
I have to start from day 0 but no problem because i know in the end i will win
No matter what but i will complete this challenge

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day 4

Nofap occurs mood swing🙂
Trying meditation for controlling emotions :))))