Drinking boosts confidence?

Today i drink a bottle of alcoholic beer to boost my confidence and eliminate my fear and social anxiety.

Does it helped ?
Yes for temporary. When the dizzyness went away i was again the old me.

Should i drink again ?

Why ?
Because i want to be real me. I dont want to fake myself. I am on nofap and in some time i will have more confidence… more confidence that any beer of the world cant provide me.



Instead of alcohol you can try supplements

Which supplements ?..

Try magnesium

I am currently taking it feeling much calmer and also deep sleep

Just practice being you. Its ok to be you.

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It does boost confidence as you loosen up. I personally do it for fun. I’m aware that is one step away from poison, but for “recreational” purpouses I do enjoy it. I will also make note that I never drink alone, but at bars and clubs. As long as you do it responsibly, I see nothing wrong with it.