Dreams😴💭 taking away my calm sleep😴

Once i didn’t did for straight 3months then in last 3months approx 4times watched only once
Now i am on 14days streak
But i am facing difficulty in sleep i am getting dreams but not of ■■■■ of daily life that horrifies me and my sleep is getting poor
What should i do i am already doing meditation, mantra chant , walk soon i am having my exam that will change my life


Are dreams bad?
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They are bad but not of ■■■■ or sexuality

That is how your body flushes excess semen out of your body. Whether you like it or not, your body is producing semen 24 hours a day, and nofap is about not masturbating in order to delay the dopamine that it gives. You will need wet dreams, because they are natural and needed, and are not nearly as bad as masturbating.

My body cannot produce semen bcz i am f
Btw thanks