Dreamimg thanks to nofap

I always thought that I don’t have dreams, or don’t remember them. Perhaps 1-2 times per year, 3 tops.

Turns out not having or not remembering dreams is a symptom of excessive fapping and porn addiction.

Always when on a 5+ day streak, I am starting to have dreams. Not necessarily sexual in nature, although those also tend to pop up, but later. Simple dreams, nightmares, feel good dreams, I have them now. I am on a 24 day streak and I had more dreams in the last two weeks than in most of my PMO induced life.

Just wanted to check in if this is just me or a symptom others have as well

Damn, I like having dreams.


I’m a chronic fapper. My life feels so F*'ed up.

But my dreams, ahh they are the best part. My dreams feel so real and better than my real life that I don’t even feel like getting up in the morning. My dreams are full of adventure. And I remember most of them.

My therapist says it’s just an escape mechanism of my mind.

But nevertheless, I’m trying to make my real life better now.


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