Doubt if it's a relapse or not


i was on day 12 of no pmo
i ejaculated on a hands free hypnosis audio on youtube
is it a relapse or not?
please help
also, give solution to have an easy journey where fhe sexual tension doesn’t build up so much that you are constantly fighting it throughout the day to not have a release when the build up is so strong.


Hi jain,
well i dont know in what “mode” you are , you know your borders best but make simple ladder of worst thing that could happen .
1, Did you watch porn ? No
2, Did you mastubate ? If i get “hands free” right you consciously didnt touch yourself to lower the tension .
3, Did you listen to hypnosis audio to achieve orgasm ? I guess no
I would definitely not consider that as a relapse and i wouldnt feel so bad about it , I think NoFap is more about quitting bad habit , getting your mind under your control and source of energy to be more productive in your life . It is not hunt for a streak . I realize that even if this happened and you might be thinking of failure , you learned something you will know that in upcoming days. I wish you good luck :slight_smile:


Please give me the link for the same

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If you intentionally opened a video that promises hands free hypnotic release, then obviously that’s tour relapse right away. Putting more crap in your mind to make you orgasm?


Beautifully said… :slightly_smiling_face:


IMO if you think it’s a relapse it’s a relapse, if you think it isn’t then it’s not. What does your conscience tell you?

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Fighting against the porn urge increases stress, which, ironically, makes a relapse more likely. Rather than trying to push the urge away, accept that it’s there and spend a few moments meditating on the feeling (without fantasising). If you pay attention to the urge for a while without acting on it, you will feel it pass. Most importantly of all, don’t beat yourself up for having urges. None of us can control what we think, only what we do.


I would put this as a relaspe. You are at the starting stage which is the hardest part. You have to change your brain about PMO which is what the rewire is all about. Its not just avoidance. Take small steps to not objectify women and just practice. Its a journey. Just keep trying and monitor your triggers. Good luck. You can do it.


i took it as a relapse only guys
thanks everyone for replying


Now what the hell is this hand free hypnosis audio, brother u r on next level. Porn was not enough so u r using such audio Hypnosis. Why r u messing with Ur brain, why so deeply engrossed in sexual stimulation?
I feel pity when I see people using absurd methods to get sexual pleasure. Sex is meant to be enjoyed with Ur partner for procreational purpose. Humans have made a big deal out of sex. It seems as if humans have become mere sexual beings. Save urself brother. Don’t become a slave of ur desires bcoz no matter wat stimulant u use, u will always feel unsatisfied and discontent at the end. It’s better to let go of ur desires or rather have control over urself and not expose urself to such stimulants.