Don't ever even watch pornography, I will ruin your relationships

Don’t ever touch pornography, I was clean for a longish time and got into a relationship, and yesterday I relapsed and I think I’m gonna lose my girlfriend over it. The worst part is she is the one, and I failed her. So learn from my mistake and just stay away period. God will give you the strength


Let her know about this addiction and let her know you love her and are trying to beat this.


stay strong brother…

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It’s probably best to hold off on relationships until you’re confident that your addiction is under control. It’s just a thought.

I’m no dating expert though.

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@anon9232166 yes it’s very fitting.

@levimorris4567 No, you can’t think like that. There is a certain part of you that washes away when you O but just like any other mistake in life, you can’t just give up on a load of other things because you’ve made one mistake (even if it is P).

You have to remember, PMO is a symptom of something else in your life NOT the cause. The true purpose of this journey that you are on is to remove the symptom and open up your perspective so that you can see what the root problem is.

For me, one of the things was living in an environment that felt uncomfortable and messy when it shouldn’t. And so simply, I tidied up my room. And there will be other things that you can do such as running, eating healthy etc. but my point is that there are many other aspects in each one of us that need fixing. We just need to go fix it.

Remember, your body is not an isolated being from the the world, THE WORLD AROUND YOU IS YOU. So be more conscientious from now on and love life, and life will love you back, because life is you.

Hope this helps.