Don't count days

You know that what is the main reason behind urges? Well the simple answer is day counting. Yes, it was my biggest mistake when I started noFap journey.

When you start counting days, it is difficult for you to continue on the nofap journey because day will go slowly and slowly.

Instead counting days, Remember the fist day when you start nofap journey and forget the other day and get in discipline such as meditation, healthy diet, exercise, cold shower, wake up early, 6 hour of sleep, working toward your life goals, reading and many more things. Keep busy your mind toward goals.

Your 30 days, 60 days, 90days, 1year will complete and you didn’t notice how your days were gone.

So stop counting days and focus on real life goals.

Thank You


Well don’t start the counter and keep staring at it.
Having long streak isn’t the purpose, but it reminds you that you started a journey to get better, so you already started, don’t stop !


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