Does using an escort count as a relapse?

I have a problem of starting to look at escorts when I get past a few days.

What is its meaning.

Roughly put, it’s a prostitute.
@Havananana I think it depends on what your goals with NoFap are. Although if you are still influenced by PMO, having sex that is not based on mutual trust and love might lead to the same results as PMO


In my opinion yes, it does count.

Yes. We’re here because we’re sexually compulsive and hiring a prostitute would count as sexually compulsive behavior. Especially if you’re married.

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It’s even worse because you’re using a second person… This is why we are doing no-PMO on the first place, not just to “no-nut” as a challenge but to improve ourselves, and without trying to preach anything: hiring an escort is immoral. Don’t lower yourself to that level.
Good luck!