Does this exist?

Hey, I want an app that doesn’t just block porn but can block specific websited. Because there’s some stuff I need to block that isn’t pornography, but needs to go!
Also it needs to be free

U can try using blocksite

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Oh yes I can use it too.
Blocker X blocks everything that’s related.
If will block even if there’s the word “porn” on chrome and YouTube.
I mean the video I wanted to watch was about porn addiction. But blocker X just blocked it.

If you have some b specific sites youwantto avodyiu can also black list them in your browser

Cold Turkey Blocker for PC


  1. Restrict based on specific keywords
  2. Blocks 250+ well known pornographic websites
  3. Easier to access
  4. Control your screen time


  1. Strict mode not present

For mobile - Stay focused and App block

Same advantages compared to Cold turkey blocker


  1. App block may show some malfunctioning problems ( Restart the device and it will be fine )
  2. Stay Focused ( Force stopping will affect the performance of the app ).
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