Does reading erotic comics count as relapse?

I am on Day 47, while i haven’t even edged in all these days but there were times where my mind would go blank and completely frustrated so i read erotic comics with some images without touching self at all.

do you feel like you relapsed?

I agree with never again. If you feel like you relasped then I would say yes. For me personally, I wouldn’t count it but I’ve read erotic comics without feeling an urge for years, but I also don’t have porn issues. My relapse starts from touching, or the equivalent of edging I believe is the guy term. It’s up to you to decide what you count as a relapse.

Well, i don’t touch myself at all reading and watching them. Urge may come to touch myself but i can shrug it away easily. Since i’m on hard mode PMO, i restrict myself to read it only once a week.

My conclusion is, not a relapse.

As in feeling satisfied and calm?

more like analytical questions.
Do you feel like you betrayed yourself? Can you look at your 47 day counter and say “this is my true number of days without a relapse” or do you feel like you’re betraying yourself when you say that.

Do you think what you did was wrong? In the end, everyone has to define what he counts as a relapse. The counter only shows what YOU count as relapse. There is no right or wrong. No fixed rule when to reset and you won’t get kicked out of this community for not following a certain reset rule.

I could answer the question for my counter as an example:
Did you watch it because of an urge or just because you like reading them. For me, your text sound as if you read them to flee from your negative emotions and not because you like reading them as a hobby.
You were frustrated and you medicated yourself with a comic. I personally feel like this is exactly what I wanna get rid of. We are using PMO as a medication for our problems. Out of this reason, I would reset my own counter because it is the wrong way to handle these emotions.
But that is just my view


Hey man, when you are doing nf mode… then why go back to reading erotic comics. It will arouse you. Watch something that gives you adrenaline rush, like exercise videos, or party videos, or simply meditate and watch the urges go away. Although it doesn’t count as a relapse in my opinion still it would be better if you stay away from these.

Hey man,
Please don’t forget it’s not about the counter it’s not about the days. It never was. I think that’s one of the biggest things people in Nofap forget. Its about you, and your brain. Nofap is a reaction to an addiction we developed over the years, it’s about rewiring your brain. One of the goals should be getting your dopamine levels back to normal, which requires less exposure to things that give you spikes of it. Keep in mind it can be anything. If you take away porn and don’t get this huge hit but you notice you spend a lot more time on Facebook, get the hint of what your dopamine hungry brain is doing. And second goal would be to find new ways to deal with your emotions like stress and boredom. So as long as you read those just once a week and you’re not doing it in order to feel better when you’re down I would say go for it. A healthy relationship with your arousal and sexuality is a must for successful relationships with girls. Just use it to your advantage.

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I haven’t watched any erotic comics from that day. What my struggle now is that finding hobbies for myself to engage in, because since i don’t wank it off anymore, i have a lot of time with me where i am just sitting around.

I would recommend to abstain from things that will make you relapse. It would be best

Reading those comics didn’t even make me want to touch myself, i was just really turned on.

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