Does premature ejaculation counts as a relapse

I recently started this app and have already relapsed two times… but seeing people here and adding companions has encouraged me to keep on trying…
So like I am unable to stop sexual thoughts which often result in boner and had also resulted in premature leakage of semen… Or so I think…
Does that mean I relapsed

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I dont know if it is a relapse…

Ooh but what is your personal opinion do you think I relapsed again or not

I think now it is becoming impossible … like how do I stop these thought…for me but will keep on trying
Thankyou I appreciate it

Wait, answer me this question:
What type of nofap are you doing?
Semen retention, Porn rewire?

I don’t know what these words mean… for now my aim was to control my :raised_hand: s . I wanted to experience naturally rather than just milking it…

Okey ill explain it. If you are trying to reset your dopmine levels in your brain you are doing Porn rewire. Porn mades you need more dopamine to feel happy, so you need porn to be happy. You are unmotivated with other thinks in life.
If you arent eyaculating for its benefits you are doing semen retention.

Hmm it is still confusing a bit… It often happens to me out of nowhere… I have these triggers which make me horny for know reason… thus resulting in watching porn or masturbation
You tell me… I am confused…
I was just asking whether if semen releases. Due to sexual thoughts and what not without touching yourself does that mean that I relapsed

What are you thinking on, on a porn actress or on a real woman?
I think it isnt a relapse on brine rewire if you are thinking on real woman. But on semen retention is always a relapse if you leaked semen.

But are those thougts wet dreams or are on your day?
Wet dreams arent a relapse.

hey buddy. nice to have you here.

A little bit a different suggestion from my side.
If you ask me, abstinence is only one part of battling this problem.

I think that in the beginning it is more important to know why you are doing nofap, what are your problems, what are your goals in life, what do you wanna reach, what are the situations where you are triggered to relapse (which place, what action did you do beforehand, what time of day…). You have to define for yourself what kind of nofap you wanna reach. Do you wanna have a healthy relationship to sex or stop having sex for an extended period of time and so on.

Just staying abstinent wan’t lead far.

I also highly recommend to write a diary (doesn’t have to be here in the forum. It could also be on a sheet of paper). Oftentimes writing stuff down has much more impact than just thinking about it

It’s basically on day… I didn’t have wet dreams for a long time… I maybe leaked semen maybe because I was reading something…
It was nothing sexual… But it was about sex… If that makes sense… Hmm

It is a kind of disease that of laking semen. Search on the internet. It wont be considered a relapse if you cant control it.

Oooh… Thanks anyway… I don’t think it is a disease… this stopped when I was in a journey past week and also when I was busy at work…

Google it, search what can cause that, i think stress can cause that, because nofap kills stress, and in your nofap journey it stoped.

Ooh Thanks I will then