Does Pre cum is considered as relapse?

Guys i have a lot of precum coming in my penis when get erecting …even though i am not toucing/fapping myself…what to do…is precum considered as relapse?:disappointed_relieved:

Well it is normal. As alot of guys mention to pee semen or having night falls. See your body is use to getting a release is semen due to fapping. After a few days weeks or months this may different in each guy depend on the frequency of fapping, age, lifestyle which affect you Testosterone levels as well as how sensitive you are to sexual stimulation.

See it is not considered as a relapse in your case were you don’t fap to release precum it is just the body re-adjusting to the new semen retention. I don’t know if you still watch porn that cause your erection that can lead to your arousal and then your body is reacting in some peoples cases release pre-cum.

This if you are achieving pre-cum in such manner could be a relapse depending on which mode of nofap you are on. If you are on hard or monk mode and you achieve pre-cum due to porn then it is considered a relapse.

But if you don’t watch porn at all and the pre-cum is released is is normal as I explained and is not a relapse. The body is an amazing thing and every thing has to be in balance and the body records every detail in stimuli and keeps tabs on everything. Once something is out the ‘specs’ it will re-evaluate the situation and try to get things back to where it was on it’s ‘normal’ level.

That’s why in the first few weeks it is super hard to let go of porn or just fapping. Because your brain has high levels of dopimine at first and then when you stop watching porn it suddenly does have those high levels. So basically you get some withdrawal symptoms. And some studies have shown that the body does receive an small amount in increased Testosterone levels on th 6 and 7th day. This can be different to guys.

Well why is knowing this help?

Well obviously Testosterone is or sex hormone. The increase in it will cause higher libido. So yeah heavy urges will set in etc. Not going it to much detail as I already said way to much.

But I wish you all the best. Stay strong, porn free and awesome! Good luck!


It’s normal, don’t worry about it, it’s not a relapse. Don’t feel guilty. If it is something out of your control, then don’t count it as a relapse. So wet dreams, precum leaks while peeing, WITHOUT PORN, OR TOUCHING YOURSELF, aren’t relapses.