Does ponography change the way you see women/girls?

I think porn addiction had a great effect on the way you see the women’s.


Yes 100% definitely changes you. The deadly thing about it like every evil out there in the world is that it changes you ever so slowly until its too late and your an addict. You go from being a gentleman helping out the ladies and chatting with them to being isolated in a sex dream world of fantasies where every girl you objectify.
Don’t underestimate the power of lust as it truly will destroy your soul and life.
Anyways know that porn is bad and turn away.
Keep fighting and you be a good person.


Exactly! This is the main reason behind all those rapes and eve teasing… its soo bad! They literally objectify women, portraying them just as an object to be enjoyed! And same could be the other way round as well… I wonder why the feminists don’t take a stand against this… but its really henious… I heard that porn affected a guy so badly that he started looking at his own mother and sister with a bad eye… initially it might seem to be nectar… but its a sugar coated poison!!! It must be given up!


Of course it does.

  1. You won’t find the hot girls hot anymore. Cause you’ve access of girls with superior (fake) curves in your phone. Just 1 click away.

  2. Regular girls/story won’t excite you anymore. That’s why most adult forum/communities are flooded with incest or hot wife fantasies. So even the females in your house aren’t safe from your eyes.

  3. There are lots of fake stories in porn. Like whatever you do it pleases the girl. People who aren’t educated well and never got the chance to interact with girls irl, force girls if she’s alone resulting lots of henius crimes.

Porn isn’t free. You pay it with your soul.


this is all clear, but I have one question. Is it possible to get rid of this and see girls attractive again?


Everytime u fap u tell ur subconscious mind that this is thing(ur favourite porn) which I want to bang,It imprints in ur subconscious
I can say this bcz u involve all ur senses and u r in very deep ocean of orgasm
In anything u involve urself too much it goes into ur subconscious and secondly the things u repeat goes into ur subconscious and we all know that most of times we r viewing same porn or same type of porn when we ejaculate
So this causes us to make us look hot girls normal
Solution to this is simple but require a hell lot patience and the solution is detoxification from porn
Cut off the high doses of porn which is fed to ur subconscious…cut them off for a long time than gradually ur mind will become normal and natural and will start accepting natural beauties
It won’t happen all of sudden but it’s a gradual process and slowly ur subconscious will be rewired

Other option which u can try which may work for u(most probably it won’t)is viewing vintage porn
This category contains porn content which is natural and the fake plastic bodies are not present their… sex as it is…
Try to stay away from porn for a gud amount of time,u will regain ur natural eyes of viewing natural beauty


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