Does nofap change sexuality!?

I am doing no fap my longest streak is of 84 days i just found out that during this phase my feelings and emotion increases too much!
And yes i started filling attracted towads both the genders! I get confused and started dating few boys and girls! Did no fap is the real cause of attraction? Or am i bisexual!?


It is possible that you were bisexual but PMO might have numbed you to the point that you didn’t feel the attraction as strong as you would have if you never had PMO in your life. Maybe that is why you are feeling this right now. Might be worth to give it time. To see if it really is what you think it is.


If you feeling this now not from childhood then may be your hormone levels are disturbed by pmo.
Statics show that sexuality is not fixed , it is ranged. Some are more men then others whereas you can find some men acting more like femanine.
Just let the time tell you the truth. Or maybe you don’t need to care about that. Do what you feel good for you.:+1:


In my opinion, doesn’t exist such thing: bisexuality.
No fap and PMO reprograms your brain.
What You are feeling is the consequences of this Reprogramming. Do you feel attracted by Women or Men? Because Trans people doesn’t count for the equation, once that they have Second Sexual Caractristics like breasts. Good luck to find What You are. And don’t be afraid.

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